Purpose of Websites

Zoe Pace
A Block; Blue Day

Website Name
Why Visit it?
Why was it Made?
To entertain yourself. People go to Netflix to watch television shows and movies. They pay for it for the access to movies and television shows that they can watch anywhere. It’s entertainment.
The creator may have wanted to create an easy access website to movies and television shows. It was an idea that they could gain from profit wise and make easy access for users.
Twitter is a social media platform. People visit twitter to share their daily lives or keep up to date with their friend’s lives. They use it to post pictures, videos, and share funny stories. Some people want to use the website to entertain themselves. They may follow celebrities to keep up to date with events or their daily lives. Or they use it to keep in touch with friends. Some people use twitter to follow school or business accounts to keep up to date on events or days off etc.
The creator may have made Twitter to keep people connected. They may have seen an idea and thought that they could improve it and decided to make their own platform. This platform would also gain them profit, the more people who join the larger it becomes and the more money they can gain.
People use Amazon to purchase items from the internet. It allows people to order items with easy access with a variety of options. Some people who pay for Amazon prime would have access to free movies/TV shows and free music with the monthly purchase. It also allows them to use free two day shipping. People visit to browse items or buy things in bulk. People visit to share their reviews of items or compare costs of items. Some people sell used items at a lower cost.
The creator made Amazon because he wanted to sell books at a lower cost and a high demand online. It then grew into a larger company selling more items and owning various other companies such as, Audible.com.

Purpose for Creator (Julia):
Julia wants to be a home cook and writing out her experiences with each dish may help her in the future if she decides to make it again. This way she can take notes on the experience and document any changes she may make to the recipe. She can rate the meal based on how she likes it or how others like it. She can also make note if the people who disliked or liked the meal. She can even tell her stories of serving the meal or what it goes well with. Then she can look back at her blog and read her notes. People can also comment their own experiences that could change hers if she decides to remake the meal.

Purpose for users:

Users may decide that they want to make the meal she has make and then they can read her notes or changes to the recipe. They can look at pictures if the meal and see how Julia garnished it. They may also just enjoy reading her blog posts. They may be looking for dinner ideas for their own homes. They can read about if it’s a good meal for kids or how long it actually took to make the dish so they can estimate how much time they need. They can look at the comments of other users. If they are struggling with a recipe they can look at Julia’s blog and see what she did differently.