Submarine Questions and Binary State Answer

  1. How far down in the ocean do the cables lay?
    1. On the Ocean floor, all the way down. Nearer to the shore they can be buried for protection.
  2. Who owns the Submarine cables?
    1. Content providers such as, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft are major investors who own shares in the cables.
  3. How do cables break?
    1. About 100 cables break a year due to accidents with, fishing vessels and ships dragging anchors along with some breaking due to earthquakes.

Which of the following can be represented in a binary state? Choose 2 answers.
a. A Power Supply
b. Voting on a House Bill
c. A Byte of Data
d. A Trend

A binary state is the state of bits being turned off and on. A byte of data is made of bits of data turning off and on so it would have to be able to be represented in a binary state. Then voting on a house bill can be represented by the voters in an on and off state. If one votes yes on a house bill they can be represented as a bite turned on, and vice versa. Then if enough “bites” are turned on then the house bill would be passed.


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