3 Articles Summaries and Thoughts

The first article is about what companies do with our data that we provide for them. An article about the popular app Accuweather sparked the article about what they actually do with our data. One important point they made was that if “free” apps like Accuweather didn’t share our information then they wouldn’t be able to remain free to their “customers”. People argued that it wasn’t right for them to use their locations when they turned off location outside the app. The article retaliated with how the locations were only turned off so the app couldn’t locate you while you weren’t on it. Accuweather never asked if they could pass on your data. Another point they made was that this isn’t a new thing apps have done. Almost all “free” apps have done similar things to what Accuweather did. The second article is about how anyone can use ads to find out information. In theory it would cost about $1,000 to purchase an ad that can track your locations. The New University of Washington who came …

Microchipping Humans

Three Positive traits of Microchipping humans: Illuminates need for objects that are easily lost. Ex. keys, credit cards. You’ll never forget what you have on your chip at home because you’ll always have it with you. People can’t physically steal something like your house key from you because it’s attached to you. Help with solving criminal justice such as Child abduction Missing persons Missing bodies etc. Criminal tracking in prisons Three Negative traits of Microchipping humans: It could be dangerous if there are malfunctions. If you use it to do something like open your car you leave a digital footprint that hackers can access. This could lead to, Identity theft Invasion of Privacy Data leaks. If you have a microchip everything about you is in a database and there are leaks in the system which can expose all your information to the public
I feel like it will become a social norm to have a microchip in the same way cell phones became popular. I think that they could be a good idea and that they…

Technology spotlight Homework assignment

An example of a computer that most people have in their homes but wouldn’t think of when listing the type of computers they own is a microwave! Microwaves a way to easily cook your food. They usually have a window you can look through to see what you’re cooking, and a keypad to input the time you would like to cook the food for. There are usually other buttons to input the power you want it on, a start button, or a place to input the time of day it is (a clock). Microwaves take the amount of time you set and use it as a timer to cook your food. If you just want to warm a meal and you set it to 45 seconds on high power, the computer will begin cooking your food on high as it counts down from 45 to zero. At the end of this process there will usually be some indication that it’s done, most likely a beeping sound, and after you open the door of the microwave you should be left with a mildly hot plate and a cold center to your meal.


Washing dishes by hand 1Go to kitchen sink with dirty dishes 2Obtain soap and sponge from under sink 3Wet sponge 4Squeeze soap onto sponge 5Wet the dish in sink 6Scrub dish with sponge 7Dry dish 8If there are more dishes 9go back to line 5 10If sponge is no longer soapy 11

Homework 9-14-17